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Rajatonta rytmin riemua - Rock, soul, funk, pop, blues, jazz, reggae, hiphop. Ralle Sandell tuntee tyylit ja tyylittömyyden.



Soittolista 19.3.

1.   Chuck Berry: Deep Feeling

2.   Depeche Mode: Where’s the Revolution

3.   David Bowie: When I Met You  

4.   Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr: Durch den Monsun

5.   – Carlo  

6.   OK:KO: To Rantsila by Tractor

7.   Nora Dern: Ay Ay Ay  

8.   Ohio Players: Funky Worm

9.   Junie Morrison: Super J

10. Solange: Junie

11. Chuck Berry: Good Night, well It’s Time to Go 



Soittolista 10.3.


1.   Julia Hülsmann Trio: All I Need

2.     Viktoria Tolstoy: New World  

3.     Jan Lundgren: Bullet Train  

4.     James Brown: Funky Drummer

5.     Ultramagnetic MC’s: Give The Drummer Some 

6.     Vicki Anderson: Message from The Soul Sisters

7.     Solange: Mad feat. Lil Wayne  

8.     DJ Khaled feat. Beyoncé & Jay-Z : Shining

9.     Notorious BIG: Juicy

10. Mtumé: Juicy Fruit



soittolista 12.2.


1.   Kool & The Gang: Winter Sadness  

2.   Fleetwood Mac: Dreams

3.   Television: Marquee Moon 

4.   David Bowie: No Plan

5.   Theo Bleckmann: The Fields  

6.   Iro Haarla: Perserving with Winter

7.   Colin Vallon Trio: Sisyphe 

8.   Carole King: (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman 


Soittolista 3.2.


1.     Pink Floyd: Pigs on The Wing

2.     – Pigs (Three Different Ones)  

3.     Can: Vitamin C

4.     A Tribe Called Quest: Lost Somebody  

5.     Can: A Spectacle

6.     David Bowie: No Plan

7.     Equally Stupid: Fool’s Paradise

8.     Gregory Privat Trio: Family Tree

9.     Viktoria Tolstoy: En Man (Marlowe’s Theme)

 10.  Melanie: What Have They Done to My Song, Ma


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